The long awaited first apparel drop from us at ANOVA. We have been working tirelessly for months to perfect every detail of these shirts, going through sample after sample until we finally got it right. We can finally start pumping out apparel on a consistent basis now that we have the nitty gritty all right!


Our first collection is an image that was originally going to be a Valentine’s Day theme, however we realized it means so much more than that. A relationship does not have to be between two lovers. We have all kinds of relationships with our friends, family, coworkers, pets, and strangers. This collection represents the bond that’s created when two people come together, regardless of why. Together we are more efficient, more loving, more creative, more daring, and so much more. Together we are better.

Made from 100% cotton. Created in Turkey, supporting both small family businesses as well as ethical labor practices.